Music Making

September 10, 2014

Wow after an approximate eternity of wanting, and being  afraid, and not having at  least adequate equipment, I have finally done it.

 I made a cover.


I have been trying for just about ever but honestly I am way too Type A to get anything done. I literally critique everything and re-record and am just unhappy with how it turns out but I finally kind of got over it and made it. It has a few mistakes in the guitar part and some recording errors and whatever but I just love it and am in love with it and can't wait to make more. I made a medley of Sweater Weather by the Neighborhood which is a great song by a great band that I embarrasingly listen to year-round instead of just in the fall like everyone else did, and of Not in That Way by Sam Smith, another amazing song by another amazing artist who I happen to be in love with personality wise and his song writing and just angel like voice.

Sweater Weather X Not in That Way on Soundcloud

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