Things That Make Me Happy!

September 08, 2014

Being happy is something that is very very (Do I dare add another one?) Very (I did) important to me and when I find myself being unhappy it really bums me out and makes me even more unhappy. Also, I happen to love to make lists so I combined then both and made a list of things that make me happy resulting in a fabulous list to remind me of things that I appreciate and should appreciate more often. 
☯  white nail polish  ☯  my work being appreciated  ☯  writing in my notebook  ☯  new ideas 

 ☯  calming sounds  ☯  steaming tea  ☯  meeting new people ☯  feeling confident   ☯  being alone sometimes ☯ being healthy and exercising 

☯cooking anything☯  thoughts ☯  finding new music ☯  talking with friends  ☯  being understood 

 ☯  explaining my point  ☯  songs with depth  ☯  perfect temperature water  ☯  when someone knows me well enough to know something i’d like  ☯  having a door held open for me or vice versa 
☯  receiving a you’re welcome  ☯  being inspired  ☯  random good talks  ☯  having a songs explain me perfectly  ☯  new personalities (not in me but like internet personalities like Tyler Oakley) ☯diys

 ☯  bright spaces  ☯  fluffy armchairs  ☯  flowy clothes  ☯  snapple  ☯  being organized  ☯drawing

☯  beautiful views  ☯  having fun with people I love  ☯  smiling  ☯  laughing  ☯  finding something new I like

  ☯  trying new things  ☯  taking good pictures
Thank you for reading and hopefully you make one also and tagging me would be really cool so I could read it. #freetheteen on tumblr!
Be Free. Be You. Mary

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