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November 30, 2014

Hello Darlings,

Right now it is 12:07 AM and I am laying in my bed both incredibly inspired and jittered. I don’t know what brings these moods on but it happened and now I have to ambition to do just about everything, starting with this blog post, and finishing with my History paper.

Topic numero Uno.

I changed my blog name, Yay. If you don’t know my old name , um ok fake friend, but I used to be Free the Teen which didn’t fit because I came to the realization that I wouldn’t actually be a teenager forever -only 6 more years - so the name does not have staying power. I kind of like my new name ‘Said Mary’ it’s cute for now, let’s see how cute it is in about a month when my next yearn for change is awoken.


I am still so confused about my future. At one end of the spectrum I want to be a singer/songwriter, the dream that I had always wanted but pushed aside as foolish since I have been a child. But at another I want to be a Young Adult Author and just spend my days happily writing. Perhaps a combination? And these are only some of my goals, there are still so many more that I want and hopefully will achieve. Returning to the actual topic here I think I know which college I want to go to which is Columbia University, but I also would really like to go to New York University (or NYU as the cool kids might call it, I wouldn’t know).


This is probably the thing I’m most excited about recently. WHO’S LAUGHING NOW GOT 10K READS. This is absolutely amazing, getting to see one of your dreams/ goals being kind of achieved. I just need to get off my butt and write more chapters, and frequently too. But I also want to write other books. I have way too many just sitting as ideas that I really want to actualize.


Nothing really to say here but I really want to get back into it as a hobby. I think I’m just rambling at this point.


I’m not really a shy person anymore but I find myself being more of a modest person and would rather let someone else stand out until i’m kind of forced or pushed by someone else to - for lack of better words - strut my stuff. I think I do this because I dont want to seem like a cocky b*tch, but it’s kind of depressing watching someone else get something that you could’ve/should’ve if you would have gotten up and said something. So from now on goal is to be a bit more showy and outgoing? If you dont like it? Not my problem.

I think I’m done, Thanks for reading!

Be Free, Be You, Mary

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