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December 03, 2014

Hello Darlings,

I found this cute tag and thought it would be fun or interesting to do to bask in the last rays of fall before winter come alongs and swamps me with dreary days waking up to constant snow. So cuddle up with some blankets and lets delve into the fall spirit.

  1. 1.Favorite thing about fall?
I think the weather and leaves, or just outdoors altogether because it its really beautiful.

2.Best Halloween memory?
I’m not really much of a halloween person, but probably when I twinned with my friend as a mouse.

  1. 3.Football games or Moving Nights?
I don’t go to football games often, but when I do get to go it’s really fun, so going to football games but definitely not for actually watching the game.

4.Favorite fall Starbucks Drink?
I don’t really change my drinks at Starbucks but any kind of Chai is very autumnal to me.

5.Name a song that gets you in the fall mood.
Gold rush by Ed Sheeran is very fun and puts me in a good mood in the mornings before school.

6.Hot chocolate or Tea?
This is actually really hard but I think tea because I could drink that at anytime of any day and not be tired of it.

7.Sweaters or hoodies?
Sweaters, because they’re cute but still extremely comfortable.

8.Fuzzy Socks or slippers?
Fuzzy Socks so I can slide around on hardwood.

9.Favorite Thanksgiving food?
I actually have no idea because we cook different things every year but probably the turkey or corn bread.

10.Have you ever jumped in a pile of leaves?
No, but I would actually really want to.

11.Scarves or Beanies?
Scarves are my absolute everything, but beanies are cute also.

Thank you for reading!

Be free, Be You,

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