Drawing Inspiration

December 27, 2014

Hello Darlings,

Something I find myself doing a lot, and even more recently is drawing inspiration. About anything really, book ideas, blog posts, song lyrics, and even a new hobby i’m trying to get into, designing clothes. I absolutely love it  and it fuels me as a creative person (if I really qualify as one) to keep doing everything that I love, bigger and better and more bold than the last. Staying inspired is also is a big part of staying motivated for me, so to help in the process of getting anything done anywhere these are my tips for staying motivated/inspired.

1. Take Note
Take note on the things that you like, or things you could take a spin on, or things you like. Like an outfit you see on the street, or a concept, or a song that gets you all energized.

2. In the Loop.

Stay in the loop with what is going on in your interest group. For Blogging I follow or subscribe to people who’s work I love and that inspire me to create new content via Bloglovin’. For writing I read a lot in the categories that I am interested in or write in for inspiration. For music I am constantly searching for new music that I like or amazing voices. always make sure to keep moving and staying up to date with life really.

3. 'It'
Find those things that just light you up. Something that once is there just puts you in that mood. Like a place or maybe a smell or song maybe even something like searching tumblr.

Thank you for reading.

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