OOTD 3.2.15

March 02, 2015

Hello Darlings,

Ok let me tell you. I froze today. Not like I was a 'lil chilly but I can hack it. More like I was absolutely certain of frostbite this morning, but I think I'm ok, so this is the outfit that was the catalyst  of me half freezing to death on a Monday.

My outfit overall was pretty simple since I was aware three facts,
1) It's Monday
2) Its Cold
3) It's Early
So I went with:
Cream Cardigan 
Black Scarf- Crocheted Myself
Black Tank Top
Maroon Button Up Skirt
Penny loafers 
My well worn and snow soaked penny loafers

My brother showed up halfway through this so we started being weird.

Hope you got some inspiration from this!

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