My Packing Routine

July 28, 2015

Summer in itself is pretty much synonymous with vacationing, obviously the best part of summer. But, also in the web of words vacationing comes pretty close to airports and flying which can be a cause of stress very easily. There are some ways that can make traveling easier on anyone, so this is how I travel.

Pre Packing

List making. Before I travel in my prepping process I pretty much live by lists. I had just about 3 or 4 for this trip alone but, they really do help with everything. Lists I made were an overall to do list, which I do most days anyway, a list of clothes to pack, and a list of carry on things. Having a list of clothes I am packing, or have packed is really helpful because I can see very easily what I actually will have in my suitcase and what is excess and how I can pair things together for outfits.

Actual Packing

The worst part of traveling to me would be packing and my biggest thing on that is to ROLL. I roll pretty much everything before I put it in my suitcase except, for things like cardigans, and sweaters because they actually take up more space rolled. One of the most important things when traveling to me is that my babies travel WITH me. I would probably never check my laptop, or camera, or anything quite delicate that would be a bigger problem if broken or lost. Airport staff are not exactly the gentlest with your luggage{and I can see why,they're pretty busy people}, and I got personal experience with this when a mini rice cooker (my family cooks on vacation, does yours?) was fairly well beaten up and almost falling apart after being checked in a suitcase.

These are the things I like to keep with me along with my laptop, to keep me entertained or so I can get things done while in the airport. I like to have pencils or pens, a journal {I actually only took the grey journal because I realized I was overpacking}, a book, my camera and lens, headphones, spare glasses, my phone, a water bottle, and nail polish {obviously not to use at the airport}.

Travel Outfit of the Day

When I travel I like to be comfortable, which you have to be to sit in one place for an extended period of time and airplanes and airports are always cold for me. So, I wore a simple tank top and leggings with a cardigan even though I was going to florida because the cardigan was too big to pack and I was cold plus I can carry the cardigan if I felt like taking it off. For shoes I wore ankle boots because they’re also the biggest shoes I wanted with me.

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