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July 31, 2015


Let’s be honest here, I unflinchingly, undoubtedly have a pile of books that have been on the back burner a hundred high. More realistically speaking, more than that. So, with my influx of time before I head back to school for the fall season, I am making it a mission of mine to cross a few off the list, instead of helplessly watching my brain turn into sludge  incapable of holding a pencil come school.
The series I am kicking this off with actually came as a happy accident. Someone actually gave a beautiful, well kept, hardcover copy of Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns  by Lauren Weisberger (Wow it sounds like a bad horror movie series but trust me it’s amazing) to Goodwill. So, naturally I made the 60 cent purchase and was happy on my way. But, obviously I had to read the first book in the series The Devil Wears Prada and with the audiobook and 3 days of fervent listening later I am excited and ready to start the second.

The Second series I am embarking on is The Carrie Diaries series by Candace Bushnell. This is really anticipated read for me as I am an avid fan of the show, (curse the CW for cancelling it) but surprisingly the book is starkly different than the TV show. Although, I do love the TV adaptation better, (something almost never said) the book still holds its own in my heart.

Next I have Looking for Alaska to tuck into by John Green.  As a fan of his work this is the only other book of his I haven’t read other than Let it Snow which I will probably read once the weather outdoors is fitting to the title of the book.
To all the Boys I’ve Loved before is an amazing book {with a beautiful cover} I will actually be rereading so that I can read the second P.S I Still love you that came out earlier this year. This book was such a nice, cute short read. I actually binge read this book in 24 hours the first time {I actually had all my electronics confiscated} and I’m excited to re-read the book and follow it up with the second because the end of the first really leaves you wanting more of the characters and closure, I guess, of what happens next even though you can really tell from how the story ends.
I have a strange affinity for the Persephone greek tale. I have read and re-read so many different adaptations of the story and will probably continue to find and read more. one that I love and am re-reading so that I can read the other books in the series is The Goddess Test . I am absolutely smitten with this book series and am excited to finally get to read all of them soon.

These are all the books I will be beginning soon and I hope you get some inspiration from my short list. Thank you for reading!!
Said Mary

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