getting away

August 08, 2015

As a nice end to a summer spent in rain my family found ourselves away from home relaxing in sunny Florida. Florida is sort of like an old friend to my family. The kind of friend you don’t have to always be doing things with, just hanging out is fine. And so, thats what we did. No wasting the heat in lines and crowded between people in amusment parks. Just what vacation is meant for. 


This is our vacation in pictures I took along the way.

Watching live musicians at Downtown Disney.

Nights we spent searching Downtown Disney.

Our three day cruise upon the Norwegian Sky to the Bahamas. (Next blog post)

A cheery walk with my sister.

If you saw me you probably would have thought I had never seen an animal in my life the way I sprung up at every single one in sight.

Our last day we spent packing, swimming and exploring the last of the resort. This charming little gazebo is where Naaila, my sister, and I spent some time writing and accepting the finality of our trip.

Thank you for reading my recount of our travels, hope you enjoyed.


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