Early Fall Mood Board

September 26, 2015

Summer has finally released her grasp on my scrap of the globe to reveal a tiny glimpse of fall so, my mind took this as a chance to take a run with all my preemptive fall feelings. As fall is my favorite season and it is quite a change from summer, here are my Early Fall favorites.

1. Blanket Scarves 
2. Plum Lipsticks
3. Dark Red Lipsticks
4. Quilted Puffer Vests
5.Thick Cardigans
6. Suede Heeled Booties
7. Leather Heeled Booties
8.Nude, Maroon, and Gold Toned Nail Polishes
9. Leather jackets
10.Thick scarves
11. Plaids and Button Up shirts
12. Chai Tea
13. Skirts with tights

Thank you for reading ,

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