Denim Styling

October 19, 2015

"This shirt had been my saving grace this summer and fall,  in all weather this shirt has been there for me, in rain serving as an umbrella, drying off after the pool, staying warm in general, I’ve been able to wear it pretty much every day. This shirt/ jacket  has been great to me and It looks great also, so here are three ways I like to style it.

This outfit would be the most casual of the three and something I would throw together pretty much without thinking, and would be something great to wear to school on a lazy day that looks nice for that little to no thought. I also paired it with jeans for a denim on denim look that is very on trend.
Look 1:
Denim Shirt
Blank Tank Top
Blue Vans

This second look my androgynous look.  With the two layered collared shirts cuffed I think it gives a pretty masculine look that I really like in the outfit. It's also a bit more dressed up but still comfortable for a person that really isn't a fan of skirts and dresses.

Look 2:
Deer Zara Blouse
Denim Shirt
Black leggings or jeans
Black ankle boots

This final look is my girliest of the three with the inclusion of the dress, but obviously not that dressy. It's just enough to look like effort but it's just a simple dress and the denim shirt thrown over. A scarf can also be layered on top with cooler weather and definitely some tights also.

Look 3:
Denim Shirt
Simple black dress
White Watch
Ankle Booties

Thank you for reading and hopefully you enjoyed this and I can do more styling in the future."    

Said Mary

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