October Glimpse

November 11, 2015

"Over the past few months I have gotten the amazing opportunity to watch all my hobbies get picked off one by one until there was not one survivor of the 'end'.


 All heavy morbidity aside, I really have been letting the things I enjoy kind of slip away in preference for things that don't make me happy, but instead feel like obligations to me, to my school, to colleges, to my parents. I go to school, I come home, I do homework until I go to bed around 11, with spurts of unnecessary twitter scrolling throughout the day to ease my school addled mind, and wake up tired the next morning facing the inevitability of having to do it again.  I'm just tired, and bad at time management.

To try and combat this I have offered myself a challenge to revive my love of photography in trying to capture the month of October through it. It was so relieving and exciting to find myself excited to capture memories and events in my daily life that were beautiful and appreciate them more than I would in my current state. This will be a little series of "glimpses" into my months.

{October 3rd & 4th, A little natural hair love}

{October 5th, Seeing my idol, Sam Smith, in Concert)
 {October 6th - Post Concert Depression and Candied Sunsets}
{October 9th -Sunset Walk}
{Oct. 11 - A Trip to the Music Store}
{October 20 - Fall Walk}
{Oct. 25 - Chipotle Encounter}
{Oct. 26 - The Moon's Shining Moment}
{Oct. 27 - Taking the Long Way Home}
{Oct. 28 - Crisp Run }

{ Oct. 30 - Home Stretch }
Said Mary

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