Holiday Caroling

December 11, 2015


Today, I woke up to an 8 a.m Saturday morning alarm, and a world rendered semi out of focus by a sheet of fog. But, neither could I be mad about, it was the good mood kind of day. As a part of choir tradition, and winter spirit, today was Caroling Tag day. This was something that I actually quite dreaded (because of the possibility of bad weather and the time that went into it) that slowly transitioned into something I was extremely excited for in the past few months. We got to sing for people, make them smile, and smile with them which made the cold and walking lightyears greater than worth it. We talked to the most lovely people, who were so kind and receptive towards us which was extremely heartwarming making this day will definitely be one of the high school experiences I will love to remember in the future. One of the people we met that I will definitely remember were a couple, Rosemary and Dan, who we had a lovely conversation with, and talked to us about the beauty of paying it forward while saddling our pockets with lifesavers, which we in turn shared with the following houses. Although, I am not Christian, caroling today was one of the days I got to see the kindness of people and spread kindness myself which was a very inspiring thing to me. Have a happy holidays to whatever you celebrate and an Eid Mubarack to all the other Muslims who celebrated Eid a little while back.
- Mary

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