The New Year

January 10, 2016

With the New Year we can take time to reflect on a year past, and take in the rush of the year to become. I used to be huge on resolutions, and the millions of larger than life promises I could make to myself. To forget in the weeks coming, but I think I understand them finally. A new year can be a time of rebirth and resurgence of hope for change and actualizing of goals. These goals that we set can be large or small. But, they have to do something we actually want to do, and actually will put our minds to. It's kind of a quality, over quantity kind of thing. If you have a few golden resolutions that you feel really great about, and 15 dull but 'obligatory' goals, the few would always win out. Without all the 'fluff' resolutions those few crisp goals will stick, and follow into a New Year of happiness and movement forward. With this new mindset I created a few broad goals for myself that I have great faith in carrying out in the coming year.
  • learn more and accomplish more musically
I'm very passionate about music, but it easily becomes something I push off for more 'practical' things and I really want to change that.
  • get my license
It's part of growing up and it can't be a thing I push off, it needs to happen!
  • treat my body better
This is an overall reminder to myself to sleep more -and at the right time- , drink water, eat healthier, and exercise more. 
  • time manage better
I've been trying to work on this for about forever, but it's an important skill and I really want to hone it in. 
  • take writing and blogging seriously
This is another thing I am very passionate about, and I want to devote more time to writing and get more serious about it in this new year.
  • decide major and colleges
These are some more huge growing up things to do, and I want to focus down on them and figure them out now because it would make my next few years exponentially easier.
  • do well on acts -30 or higher- and Sats
Can we guess it? Even more grown up things to tackle and get out of the way. Definitely not fun, but necessary. 
  • read at least 30 books
I love to read but I often forget about it and reading helps keep me in a good headspace so this will hopefully keep me on a good schedule. The book I am reading now is It's Kind a Funny Story  and I really like it so far. It reminds you to not let your passions get overlooked in the playing the game of life, and those steps you have to take. That's all for now.Mary


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