Golden Roses: DIY

March 23, 2016

The brainchild for this project came from  a really sappy night, and a Valentine’s project for my friends. The really sappy night was actually my birthday and I was just thinking about all the love I received that day. If I had ever had any doubts on whether I was loved and that I loved my life they were squished into nonexistence that day. So from that day I was trying to think of ways to show my loved ones that I cared. Generally, I’m pretty good with expressing my feelings with my loved ones, but I really wanted something to express to them how much they meant to me, although it may not be a thing I say everyday. So, that’s where the idea for the roses came from for Valentine’s day. I made little roses for all of my loved ones and explained to them while handing it to them their significance to me and how much I appreciate them on a daily basis.

So back to this project. White roses have always been such a universally gorgeous, elegant and primly timeless figure of beauty to me and the i love the idea of and marrying them with another love of mine, a gold or rose-gold accent. Hanging them on my wall seemed like such a nice way to display them in my room to go along with the white roses of my head board, but they can be displayed in so many different ways to be a simplistic accent to any room.


Paper - colors and types can be to your choice
Mod podge spray
Hot glue gun

To start this DIY  any type of paper or color will work and it needs to be cut it into squares. The size of the squares dictate how big your roses will be. For this project I used white printer paper but any type or color would work. For the valentines project I used graphing paper that my sister and I water colored.


For the second step, draw a spiral and this doesn't have to be perfect, but these are the layers of your rose petals.


Now you have to cut along the line of your spiral, making sure you still have a small circle in the center. It’s important that you have this base because this is what the rest of the rose will rest on.
(like so)

From there you will need to take a hold of the loose end and roll it until it's a tight spiral.

Once everything is wound up you can play around with this coil to loosen it up and create how the rose will lay. Once this is figured out you can use hot glue to secure it to the base.

Finally to give them the touch of gold I was craving for my room I sprayed them with a bit of mod podge spray and sprinkled the glitter on.

Here is the final project and how I placed them in my room:

Thanks for reading! - Mary

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