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March 31, 2016

I think one of the most important things growing up as a little girl, especially in this day, is to have a steady role model. Being able to see your goals and dreams manifested in someone else, or someone overcoming and becoming successful and making change is empowering. Seeing them lets you know, for sure, that these dreams are real and attainable and you, that little girl, can get to them too. It helps to see a women in these positions in my eyes also. You could be anywhere in the world  and see men’s accomplishments and accolades praised left, right and center, but what about women? Why can’t women be presidents, or scientists, engineers doctors.

They can!

Being able to see that role model can serve as a beacon of hope to push through that tough day at school, or that paper that you were positive would break you. Which makes all the difference in staying motivated through the ups and downs in life.

In honor of Women’s History Month coming to its closure these are some of my favorite contemporary female role models. These brilliant women push past barriers to do what they do, and work to educate others in the process and inspire me to be the brilliant woman I want to be one day.

{Karlie Kloss}

Karlie Kloss is an amazing and hardworking model, (and victoria's secret angel too!) but her modeling isn't the main thing I look to her for. She has a bright and airy personality and many other hobbies and pursuits such as a love for coding and baking which add to her depth. Her work and fascination in education of coding to young girls goes toward creating astounding, and intelligent women. AND, she does all of this while attending my dream school, NYU.

Ever since her Destiny’s Child days, Beyonce has been one of my biggest role models. I practically grew up with Beyonce as my imaginary fabulous aunt accomplishing greatness. Her professionalism, humbleness, and poise has always been remarkable, not to mention her incredible talent. Her outspoken feminism and support of movements like BlackLivesMatter in the public eye brings to attention important although underspoken and “uncomfortable” topics.

{Emma Watson}

Emma Watson is another person I grew up loving. As an avid Harry potter fan and established bookworm, her character in the Harry Potter series inevitably resonated with me growing up showing it’s okay to be smart as a girl and my talents will come to help. I also admire her love for school and decision to continue on to college when there were so many options thrown her way. Her outspokenness about femisnist issues on a large scale with a large audience with grace and poise of  such a young women inspires me to do that myself.

Thank you for reading!! xx Mary  

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