weekend recap

April 11, 2016

This weekend was quite the mix of contradictory forces.  Honestly these two days couldn’t have been any more different. Saturday was a fireball of anxiety and anticipation, and Sunday was a cool drink of relief and lounging, a great refresher after my past few weeks. 

Saturday was an early start, 6 am early to be exact. After two months of a lot of studying it was finally time for the ACT’s and everything was going peachy keen until it was time to step outside.

Into the snow.

In April.
This obviously caused a whole slew of problems resulting in very high anxiety for me mainly centered around whether I would even get to take the test that I had studied two months straight for. But in the end everything worked out and I was merrily (ha) taking my test.

After the test my mom had a little getaway planned for our weekend which I took advantage of the calm atmosphere of the cute little town to get some nice pictures.


IMG_2029.JPGSunday was the opposite in that it was completely relaxed. I got to wear comfy clothes all day and relax on the drive home and knit.
All day!

The project is a little surprise for a friend, but i’m really excited to show the finished product     (although I think it will take a while)


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