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June 01, 2016

These items mean something to me. I think all good items should have a good meaning lodged behind them. It's like on those home renovation or fashion makeover shows when the host says "You have to get rid of everything that doesn't have sentimental value." All of a sudden the victim of this show is forced to reevaluate their whole life and find themselves through these items. These are a few of the items I would keep.


This is my budding watch collection. You know that thing that happens every year around your birthday, or other holidays where suddenly you can't think of a single thing you could possibly want? That's pretty much what happened here. My dad asked and I had absolutely no idea, but after a little thought watches popped into my head. My dad has a bunch of watches, as they are a thing he likes to wear, so I thought why not try it myself. I have two so far, one for each birthday since the tradition started. The first is my little black skagen watch, the second is this Daniel Wellington watch from this January.


 Journals are an obvious thing that are very dear to my heart. They hold all of my prized possessions, my thoughts, ideas, and hopes, for safe keeping and later reflection. This is one of many journals that I have accumulated and filled over the course of about 5 years. I can't wait to see this small pile grow.

(I removed the book sleeve so that I wouldn't destroy it while reading)

 {Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone}

This item is a relatively new item to me, but its depth goes a lot deeper than that. Harry Potter was something I grew up with and like many children of the era I was completely obsessed with it. I started reading them in the second grade and was hooked ever since. I mean even to a 7 year old the premise is amazing. A completely ordinary boy, or even less extraordinary than that, gets to find out he can do magic and live in a whole other world full of wonders, witches, and wizards, and hone these magical capabilities in a castle beyond belief. All the while he has his very own villain that no matter his malevolent plans, Harry can always arise above. The artwork of this edition brings even more life to the book that encompassed my childhood for so many years. I hope to collect the full illustrated set and keep them for my children to marvel over.

(this is one of my favorite pages in the book as the castle ghosts look almost fluorescent on the page)

(look how much detail!!)
(vignette of the same picture pt.1)
(vignette pt.2)

 These are the roses of the headboard of my bed. These hold significance because they are really my home base. No matter what happens from the time I leap out of bed, till when I return, or wherever I may travel I always have my beautiful petrified rose garden to return to.


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