nyc day two

June 20, 2016

Today was an even slower paced, drizzly day here in NYC.
 (how I love that, here in NYC)
We canceled all plans, and used the day to wander the city, really. We went down to the Empire State Building,then just ambled around Fifth and Sixth Avenue shopping.
Way too expensive, but aesthetically pleasing store on fifth avenue.
In our wandering we were able to find Grand Central Station, and from a little turn left we were heading down towards the New York Public Library with these gorgeous golden tiles to lead the way.

The New York Library was beautiful to say the least. It felt equal parts museum, equal parts library which made me fall so deeply in love with the building.

Our next and last stop of the day was  Central Park. Although it was a walk, it was worth it to see that much green in the heart of the grey giant that is New York.
My favorite thing about the city would have to be the buildings. Although there are seemingly (and quite probably) thousands of buildings, not one of them is exactly alike. In a concrete maze that would make it all too easy to paint every building the same shade of monotonous, every building manages to be entirely its own.  Each has its own aura, a character, even its own personality to shine light on their own little hunk of New York.

Here's to New Yorkers.

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