the reading resolution

August 14, 2016

    As someone who loves to write, I've come to learn that being someone who loves to read is just as important. A very important thing I've been completely slacking on. That’s why I made this goal one of my resolutions of 2016, to read at least 30 books. This goal would hopefully not only be my venturing in the literary world and learning through the words of others who share the same passion, but also a return to my childhood and how I used to read. I was such an avid reader as a (younger) kid. In the time before I had any responsibilities I could blow through books like this. A 300 page book? I think that could have lasted me 3 days tops. I was a raging bibliophile waiting for that next hit of a book. If you needed a review on a book before picking it up just ask me, I had read it.

But, as I got older this lightning pace of reading dwindled. It wasn’t because my love of reading had dwindled, or books had become less amazing - although they did go through a woeful dystopian era which got old as fast as it came on. I just didn’t have the time anymore. I had things like homework, and chores, and practices, and friends to spend time with. And when I wasn’t of doing these thing,s my activity of choice was usually something mind numbing.

Really mind numbing.

After a long day of being here and doing this, that, and whatever, I just wanted to chill. That’s where you can find yourself in a social media, or tv or netflix hole. Its never good. I was in a place where my list of books I wanted to read was getting longer and longer, but the last book I had read was a class assignment.


This year I set a goal, and through this goal I have rekindled the love I let so easily get overshadowed and I’m left entirely dumbfounded. I’ve dug myself into the lives, and stories, and characters of so many books and I’ve been enamored with the journey. Not only have I learned about my writing style, but I’ve learned what I like to read, new words, and new ways to percieve the world around me into something beautiful to tuck into my writing. Since I’ve loved these books I can’t help but hope these books will affect someone else in even just a touch of the same way they’ve affected me, so without further from me this is my literary experience of 2016 (so far) summed up.
{Books of 2016}


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