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October 03, 2016

Hey Blog,

Sorry for the absence, I've been preoccupied playing the game of life. As time goes on things seem to pick up speed in my life making it appropriate to do a life update. It’s been an eventful summer into pre-fall so far. From traveling for months to starting my first semester of “college” it’s been a hell of a ride. Here’s the breakdown into the story of my past few months.
May was the letting out of my eleventh year of school, the end of my sophomore year. This year was, as to be expected, the hardest year of my schooling thus far. At one end of the spectrum, my academics were just as hard as ever. Hours and hours of homework, and projects, and late nights, and then waking up early again to get a jump on the day. It was a rough cycle. Then there was myself emotionally. I feel like I came more into myself this year. I became more confident in myself and my abilities and just let myself go after what I wanted. I decided when it was time to let go of things that I clung to that weren’t working and delved into new endeavors that ended being right. I let go of some of my perceptions of other people’s judgement and just did things that made me happier and became happier. I weeded out detrimental friends from my amazing ones and grew because of those decisions.

There was a lot of traveling done in June. Right off the bat on June 1st we set off for Pennsylvania to visit family, then up to the greatest city in the world - Hamilton Reference - New York. I already recounted our days there so I’ll keep it brief, but I fell even deeper in love with the cty of passion and hard work while there. One day I’’ll be there among the beloved New Yorkers.
The next stop on our journey was Virginia to relax in quiet Richmond. There we spent our days screaming joyfully at amusement and water parks by day and sending balls back and forth on darkened tennis courts by night. Somewhere in the mix we spent a day in Virginia to wave hop with my best friend, Alex, walk on the boardwalk, and ride a sketchy merry go round. By the end of three weeks we were on our way home more than a little homesick, but definitely full of good times.
July was, for the most part a typical summer month. The kind of summer month that actually makes you miss school in it’s monotony. It made me miss a schedule and a routine of things. Not that routines are good,
but they give me an unexcusable need to be productive and not spend days unshowering and moping about in pajamas. I need to at least trick my body into thinking that I have something important to do with my day. In the middle of the month my family and I took the fastest road trip ever to Indiana which, as expected, had nothing going on. We drove around for a bit and looked at Notre Dame, but eventually succumbed to where we knew the trip was heading.
There we spent the day down at Navy Pier, and in my case touring the amazing scenery of the city. The Pokemon Scene.
This month has a particular stigma. The school stigma. We combatted this by taking our very last vacation of the summer to Toronto! The begining of this trip was a blast to the past as we stopped over in Niagra Falls, where we had our very first family vacation. We ate at this loveley indian food place right by the falls and were back en route to Drake’s city. I sadly don’t have any photos from this trip because they were all lost on my phone. In the time there I fell in love with the people, the architecture ( I say this about every city I visit, but the architecture says a lot about the city), and the cleaness of the city. Compared with any U.S city I’ve ever been in, it was so much cleaner and more beautiful. There’s such an emphasis on the environment and protecting it that I would love to see here in the US.There was also so much variety in the people and an appreciation of culture that I dont typically see. Everywhere we went there were festivals with people celebrating and music playing and the people seemed overall, happier than here at home.
Once we got home it was time to actually face the reality of my life. School was swinging back into place with the view of my junior year and my “freshman year” of college, in place ahead of me. In May I applied for The Ohio State University for a College credit program and was accepted. Currently I am taking one class on campus and a few more college courses at my home school and so far it’s been a good experience. I like the college class experience, it makes me excited for the future.
Although this only leaves me off in August, this pretty much sums up my life for now, grappling with school work and actually living my life, but I hope to get better at balancing the two and being active on here more often.
(some pictures I've taken recently)

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