september playlist

October 10, 2016

Every month there are a select group of tunes that get me through the time. September was my first real autumn month and for me, autumn is a season of nostalgia. Without realizing it, I create small traditions for myself from fall to fall, a lot of which are reflected in my fall playlist. Lorde’s 'Pure Heroine' was an album I picked up right when it came out and haven’t put down since. Thats 4 autumns. Some favorites I returned to as well were Bank’s ‘Goddess' album and ‘Multiply’ or ‘X’ by Ed Sheeran. New additions to my library were Frank Oceans ‘Blonde’, Bastille’s ‘Wild World’ and some Jon Bellion. These songs kept me running through the month of September, and hopefully you will enjoy them as well for the rest of the autumn season.
- Mary

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