January 16, 2017

Earlier this year I made a series of promises to myself. They were a few of my goals towards seeing myself as the person I wanted to be in 2017. I envisioned myself to be a more productive, goal driven, and overall happier person and I can see all of these attributions in myself this year. Though this year was a turbulent one, I have to say that it was definitely the best one of my life. In this one year, I have accomplished so much and putself out into the world which I can’t help but be immensely proud of. Now that this year is almost to a close, it is now time to reflect on my resolutions and start dreaming up some new ones for the coming year.

I did exactly this this year. Music was at the forefront of my life. I auditioned and made it into two elite singing groups, I performed an Italian aria for a judge and recieved a superior rating, and I greatly improved my sight reading and singing skills. This entire year I was able to put hard work to my talent and make really cool things happen because of it.

The next of my goals for this year was to finally get my liscence, which I did! I finally got all my hoops in line, finished all the classes and time needed and was able to pass the test on the first time! You can now see this girl driving around town, probably wasting an exorbidant amount of money at Starbucks - I’ve already earned 114 stars in this past month.

This next one was my first fail of a resolution, treating my body better. I have not been sleeping, or exercising that much, but I have been eating better and drinking water. Not a passing grade, but also not a complete fail in my book. This year i'll be trying to put more dicipline and initiative to this area.
This one makes me really sad to not have achieved - taking writing and blogging more seriously. Are the student life and the blogger life really not compatible? If that is the case I’m straight out of luck because I have 10+ more years of education in the cards for me. Maybe I’ll figure it out one of these days.

I have gotten a lot better at this skill in the past year which has helped my grades flourish - not a B in sight! I have figured out how to study and how to fit an EXTREMELY busy life into the time I have. I somehow was able to juggle a high school schedule, college schedule, extracurriculars, and LIVING my life into one semester and made it out with straight A’s (a feat I have never done). Like always, there’s still improvement to be made, but I’m glad for the progress I have made and where I can be in the near future.

I was daunted, yet excited to figure out the next portion of my resolutions. This one was to figure out what colleges I wanted to go to and my major. For a major, I finally figured out I want to go into neuroscience for pre-med to become a neuroscientist or neurosurgeon. I am utterly fascinated by the functions of the brain and how that relates to people, their actions, and different illnesses, so I’m glad to have finally figured out my path. For my short list of real dream schools or places I can really see myself in the fall of 2018 I have five favorites.

My top two schools are NYU and Columbia. Both of which are remarkable schools, and both are situated in the beautiful city of New York whcih gives them bonus points. My next two schools are located in or around another beautiful city, Chicago. Northwestern and University of Chicago. Half growing up there built my affinity for the place and cities in general whcih is obvious in my picks here. The last, but not least, school is THE Ohio State University, right in my backyard. In addition to being right here at home, it boasts handsome academic and medical campuses - not to mention in-state tuition. I am excited to see where the search and applying process will take me as a I look to my senior year later in 2017.
This goal was placed not much out of want, but neccesity. To get into a college program this year I needed an ACT score and one to set me apart prom the other applicants, so that is what I did. In the spring of my sophomore year I received a 30 and in December I got a 31! Now it’s time to do a little bit better. Maybe a 32 or 33?
My final and favorite resolution of the year was to read at least 30 books. I thought this number was way too high and I could never meet this goal with my schedule, but to my surprise I met it in July! Funny how you can meet lofty goals if you set them at the forefront of your mind. My final tally for the year sits at 38 books, I think. I may have forgotten some along the way. My favorite of the year was We All Looked Up by Tommy Wallach, a book so dear to my heart and have put into the hands of so many friends since I have read it. I will probably write soemthing in full about the book soon, but for now I will say the character Anita is practically modeled after my life!
Well this has been a recap of my resolutions and pretty much the highlights of my 2016. Thank you for reading, Happy New Year, and see you soon with some new resolutions to smash!

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