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July 30, 2017

If you've been on Pinterest at all in the past year, you've definitely seen some sort of macrame project. These mystical pinterest people have found a way to cover nearly everything in these woven fibers. In  quick search you could find anything from pot holders, to rugs, to tapestries. In my quest (and infatuation) to become one of these fairytale pinterest people I added macrame to my summer bucketlist, so here's how I did it. 

The materials needed were pretty accessible and inexpensive for my wall hanging. All in all this project cost between 10 and 15 dollars, but since I can't remember the price of the copper rod (I bought it 6 months ago on impulse) I can't give you an exact number.
  • clothesline 
  • copper rod (I actually already had this from Home Depot)

The next step of this project was research. I spent a good amount of time researching macrame projects other people have done and how to do the knots and I finally settled on recreating something similar to this:

Here are some of the helpful things I found along the way.

 Since I had no intention of using a pattern, I decided to make this as simple as possible for my first macrame project ever and used one knot only-- the double half hitch stitch you can learn from both videos.

I started with 10 strands attached to the rod with the larks head knot and then got to business making the double half hitch stitches diagonally so that they would meet in the middle. Once I completed this section, I cut two more pieces of chlothesline which I attached both to the center of the project and to the opposite ends of the pole. On each strand, I attached more strands to hang like fringe with the larks head knot. Once I had enough tied on to achieve my intended look, I cleaned up my work by cutting the stands to taper in the middle and burned the ends to seal them.

This project took maybe two hours total and was the perfect rainy day activity to do while watching Netflix or listening to music. Thank you for reading!

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