brunch day

July 06, 2017

They say brunch is always a good idea, so we took those words to heart for Julia's (late) birthday brunch. We chose a place we’d all never been, hopped into the car, windows down and music blazing, and had our field day. Our pick was Zest, a cute little smoothie place that just opened up near us. In order to recreate all the cute healthy breakfasts on the internet we each got little smoothie bowls. First smoothie bowl and first time trying acai were both great.

In a quest for more beautiful things to look at (who doesn't love beautiful things) we walked into Anthropologie to have a look around. Anthropologie is one of those places that it's a life goal of mine to have enough money to pick whatever I want, without caring about the price tag. There and Whole Foods. Currently on a teenager-with-no-job budget Anthropologie isnt quite my speed, but I love to look.

Outfit of the day:

  • navy striped onesie - Aeropostale Outet
  • distressed mom jeans - thrifted and distressed by me
  • adidas neo - marshalls

We did make it out of there with some Mario Badescu Rose Water which we've been eyeing for a while.

The final stop on our outing was Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream. This place is a recent love of mine and I just had to share it with Julia. It's too adorable and good to go unnoticed.

The gang's all here! ( this snapchat update is interesting)

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