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July 13, 2017

     I have found that I am really fickle with favorites. I really wish I could have a definitive favorite anything, but to be honest I am easily amused and fall in love with anything at the drop of a hat. So, quick, before they change, here are my favorites of everything I can remember at this snapshot of history and a quick few sentence plea to make you love them as much as I do.

Favorite Book
The Sun is a Star Also

     This book converges two schools of thought that I so often battle with, the practical and the wondrous. While tackling the possibility of their existences, circumstances of love, and whether or not fate is the cause of the entropy that makes up their lives, the dreamy David and rooted Natasha bring the reader on a journey that makes them contemplate the weight a single day can have. This book had me enraptured, enamored, and scrambling to the end where I would eventually sob uncontrollably, but for why, you don't know.

Favorite Movie
Stuck in Love

     This movie is everything I could have ever asked for in a movie. It's my definitive writer's block cure. It's a sweet, witty, sad, and well-rounded story of a family of writers and their happenstances with love and life and never fails to fill me up with whatever my head needs.

Favorite Place
my bed

     Pretty generic, but I love my bed. For my introverts out there, or my ambiverts, which I think I am, having alone time, or time where you don't have to be around other people, or socializing or being charming or cool or funny or just plain existing outside of your shell can be simply exhausting. My bed and further my room is the one place I have where only I can exist in and I have time to recharge and be my best self whether that be by watching Netflix for hours, or reading, or sleeping.

Favorite TV Show
Jane the Virgin

     Jane the Virgin has so much appraisal because it is everything a tv show has the potential to be shoved into one entity that everyone can love. It tackles hard issues like sexuality, religion, and abortion while still managing to be out-of-breath-laughing hilarious. I love the telenovela or soap opera drama with the weight of still being a seriously good tv show that can undoubtedly put me in a good mood.

Favorite Belonging
my journals

     One of my favorite things to do is to reflect on myself and my growth as a person and how different I have become and changed (hopefully for the better). Journals are my mode of doing that. Through the things I've written, my ideas, my midnight rambles, my angst-ridden scribbles, my fake deep poems, and my hopes for the future I am able to see a preserved image of Maryam X-years ago and reconcile her with present Maryam in a healthy way. #NoRagrets

Favorite Song
Arizona by Common Souls

     A real random one. It sounds nothing like what I usually listen to, but it gives off the perfect vibes. It's just chill quiet song that puts me in a trance every single time I listen to it. Before I know it my head is bobbing to the baseline or simple drum rhythms. It's just everything I need and I can't wait to learn more about Common Souls and see what they come out with. This song was one of the very few hits on my Discover Weekly Spotify Playlist.

Favorite Clothing Item
distressed mom jeans

     It's always good to find an article of clothing that goes with virtually everything and these are my summer go to's. My past few Instagrams were actually in those jeans (they were taken a while apart, I swear). They're pretty much a staple at this point. There are a few things everyone should have in their closet and some distressed mom jeans are on that short-list for me.

Favorite Shoes
Adidas Neo

     Shoes like these are edging on overdone, but they're still a pretty versatile pair of shoes that I really wanted in my closet. It also didn't help that I got the look I wanted, for much cheaper than the usual cost. I haven't had much time to figure out styling them yet, but this fall will be full of these shoes for busy walking days and chill casual days.

Favorite Quote
by Roald Dahl

     This encompasses my life goal. I want to live, not merely be alive. To spend my days doing something useful and to have made a difference by the end of my time. Here's my pact to be white-hot and passionate about everything I commit myself to.

Favorite Album
bad blood by bastille

     It's rare for me to listen to an entire album, end to end and be as enthralled with every song to the next, but this one did it. In the four years the albums been out, I can still listen to it and love it as much as the first time. Every song has a message, every song hits deep, and there's a perfect mix of songs to make you want to cry or dance around or somehow do both at the same time. A word to describe the entire piece is: cinematic.

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