spring playlists

July 02, 2017

My seasonal playlists are everything to me. They are pretty much the only thing I listen to, so finding new music and having a playlist that is me is so important. My music taste can be described as eclectic, (sorry, I really love that word) I listen to just about everything. My playlists bounce between rap, to folk, to musical theater, to pop, to chill, and to throwbacks and back in a way that can be utterly confusing sometimes. This is why I've finally found it necessary to split my seasonal playlists in half: the hype and the chill. My general mood, emotional pulse tends to fluctuate with the season’s, so understandably, my ‘hype’ playlist is quite a bit longer than my ‘chill’ one.
Favorite ‘hype’ song: Make Daddy Proud - Blackbear

Favorite ‘chill’ song: Die Young - Sylvan Esso

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